State Platform


This Platform outlines the basic philosophy of the Conservative Party (California).  It provides true conservatives with political guidelines to create a strong support base that allows them to formulate genuine conservative agendas and articulate those views to the American people.  The Conservative Party – CA will create the political environment that encourages its members to run for elected office and populate the halls of local offices, California State Legislature and the U.S. Congress.


The Economy: Free enterprise, limited taxation and a restrained regulatory environment are fundamental to American and Californian capitalism.

* California should be a “Right to Work” state and enact laws that deny unions the right to make membership mandatory.  “Card Check” is un-American and coercive and must be opposed.  Union members should be given the right to make – or withhold – political contributions as they individually see fit.

* Conservatives affirm California’s proud history of LEGAL Immigration.  To that end, California must protect its borders and vigorously enforce all Federal and State immigration laws and regulations by deporting those who violate those laws and prosecuting companies that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

* All state, local ballots and government documents should only be printed in English.  Businesses should be able to require all employees to speak English if they deem it necessary for the efficient operation of their companies.

* Except in emergencies, all California state health and welfare benefits must be restricted to U.S. citizens and those legally entitled to be in America.

* California’s agribusiness is the envy of the world and feeds much of America’s population. California’s farmers should have access to new water delivery systems including: more water from the Sacramento River for the Central and Imperial Valleys; adding more above ground water storage structures; building more desalination plants; enhancing the state’s levee and floodplain infrastructures.  Water for farmers, their families and California’s farm economy is far more important than Delta smelts.

* The state government should assist California farmers cope with recent bee parasite infestations and fire ant eradication.

* California must be realistic about its budget crisis and account for $83B in unfunded pension fund liabilities and Billions in Bond debt.  When these items are fully vetted and nefarious accounting gimmicks removed, the State’s true budget realties will emerge.

* AB 32 must be suspended until the California’s unemployment rate falls below 6%.  This bill attempts to address global warming while it unilaterally encumbers California’s small businesses with needless financial burdens which, in turn, reduce job creation during these difficult economic times.

* ACA 8 must be voted on and adopted.  This Assembly Constitutional Amendment would require the public to be notified 72 hours prior to a vote on a Bill.  It would also require such a Bill be printed and made available for public review not less than 24 hours prior to a vote.

* The California Legislature must maintain sovereignty over criminal statutes.  This includes making victim’s rights the key factor in any criminal proceeding and providing support for obtaining just restitution from convicted defendants.

* As with the State Senate, the voting records of State House represenatives on any Bill must be retained and not expunged.  Such records, even a Bill that has not been fully vetted or brought to final resolution, must be recorded, retained and made available for public review.

* California Prison Reform is a necessity and obligatory. Any new approach to our statecorrectional sector must be rooted in common sense. Solutions for housing prisoners moreeconomically may be found by privatizing minimum security or non-secure facilities, contractingwith other states that have excess prison capacity and demanding our federal government pay allcosts associated with incarcerating foreign nationals or illegal aliens.

* The death penalty is valid punishment for particular crimes that include: premeditated murder; a terrorist act using a bomb or any N.B.C. device(s) resulting in a death; the murder of an on-duty police officer, prosecutor or judge; the murder of any witness or juror involved in a pending case; the murder of a member of the State Legislature or Governor; murder during a kidnapping, robbery, holdup or gang-related activity.

* California should adopt laws and legislation such as: The Juvenile Crime Initiative; Jessica’s Law; Three Strikes and You’re Out; and Sexually Violent Predators Law.  Conservatives also support harsh penalties for: abducting and abusing children; those convicted of repeated domestic violence and driving while alcohol or drug-impaired.  There should be a “One Strike and You’re Out” statute for drug dealers.

* The Williamson Act should be repealed since it acts as an unfunded mandate.  This Act provides tax breaks to landowners who keep certain properties in an agricultural – non-commercial – condition.  The State now requires that local governments to honor such contracts for up to ten years despite stopping in-kind payments to local communities for such programs due to the recent budget crisis.

* SB 48 must be opposed at all costs. The LGBT agenda has no place in classrooms filled with young children.

* Proposition 8 and similar measures should be supported. Marriage is between one man and one woman.

* “Cap and Trade” legislation must opposed.  It is a jobs killer and a $200B*  added tax burden on Californians and the nation.  Since personal income tax revenues are $1.37 trillion a year, a $200B additional tax would be the equivalent of a 15 percent increase a year (*US Dept. of Treasury analysis).

* Responsible anti-pollution laws must be enacted and enforced.  Private industry and the free capital markets should drive “Green” technology industries supplemented by limited local and Federal tax incentives.

* The United States did not cause global warming and climate change.

* Congressional “Earmarks” and other Sub Rosa spending practices by both parties must stop.

* The primary responsibilityof a President is to protect the American people against all enemies – foreign and domestic.  The War on Terror implemented by the Bush Administration must continue by all legal means at our disposal. This includes the use of extraordinary rendition, the enhanced interrogation of terrorist suspects and warrantless wiretaps within FISA guidelines.

* The U.S. must stop Iran’s nuclear weapons programs by any and all diplomatic, economic and military means necessary.  It must also support any nation which supports that goal, including Israel.

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