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The Conservative Party (California) will rectify the consistent failures and corruption of the current two-party system in Sacramento.  CP-CA will impose fiscal discipline, restrain the reach of the State government and defend America’s traditional family values. CP-CA is looking to rebuild California and America from the ground up, from the local level to the national level. We are doing so with solidly conservative candidates who will faithfully uphold the constitution and act with fiscal and ethical responsibility to improve communities for individuals and families. Get involved today and be a part of the restoration of the greatest country in the history of the world!


The American two-party system is broken. It has become a system of elite political insiders who only serve the special interest groups that help keep them in control.  Some elites call themselves “Democrats” while others call themselves “Republicans”.

The elite of the two major parties continue to fail California based on our spiraling state debt, rising annual budget deficits and escalating illegal immigration.  They are stealing the state’s future because they are only dedicated to getting re-elected. There is a huge influx of money from public sector unions and lobbyists who buy bills to get voted on with campaign cash and are most often even the authors of those bills.They are getting their needs met regardless of the consequences to the people of this great state. Our state government is truly going to the highest bidder and the citizens true needs are often ignored. We need people in Sacramento who are more concerned with the hard working people and the constitution than they are with the unions and lobbyists. We need true conservatives!


Republi-Dems are two sides of the same losing coin.


The Tea Party is mainly united by fiscal conservatism; the desire to get Sacramento to follow the Constitution and spend the people’s money wisely.  However, the Tea Party is not united by a socially conservative agenda because its membership consists of a broad spectrum of political views. While we share many views with the Tea Party and both organizations support each other, the Conservative Party espouses and embraces conservative principles in all areas of the political arena.


Who will address important social issues consistent with traditional American values beyond the fiscal and monetary problems facing America and California today?


Critical moral, social and Constitutional issues must also be considered.  These include: Illegal Immigration; Welfare; Gay Marriage; Abortion; Religious Freedom; Saving American Jobs; The War on Drugs; Affirming States’ Rights; Clarifying the 14thAmendment on “Anchor Babies”; Stopping the Discrimination of Affirmative Action, to name a few.


America will not survive if it abandons its traditional values for the sake of solving only fiscal problems… we assert that both traditional values and fiscal solutions are equally important. The success of future generations depends on restoring conservative family values as well as fiscal values. Poverty is inextricably linked to single parenthood. If society can embrace those traditional family values once again it will serve as the foundation for success for coming generations. But without the Conservative Party who will encourage and pass on those traditional values?


What happens to the Tea Party and like-minded groups beyond budget and fiscal issues?


The Conservative Party USA is the next evolutionary step of the Tea Party because it combines fiscal restraint with traditional American values that are outlined in a clear Platform and is managed by a strong leadership team that has a unified, long-term vision for America.


Conservative Party (California) is the answer to those critical questions and Project Mayberry® is the key!

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